Automation Awareness - The Automation Journey - We want to hear your thoughts!

All the automation’s journey is amazing! And adopting the UiPath tools the deployment becomes more easily!

As a business analyst, I am looking forward to building a robot that can work as my personal assistant. update my calender, set alarm etc

I am curious on how our own ML/AI work can be integrated in to UiPath

My mind is overflowing with ideas on how apply RPA in my current job. So excited to learn more about StudioX.

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The automation phase where a robot can handle repeating steps is intriguing. I would like to use UiPath Studio along with the integrations with other products to develop reusable automations.

I am intrigued by the analysis, testing, deployment and development processes.

what automation phase intrigued you the most - Ui Automation which I’m interested very much as you can face different situations and need to work on the selector which is quite a challenging one. If you handle this kind of challenge then can able to handle the other automation easily.

what automation phase intrigued you the most - UiPath Integration Service, UiPath Data Service, and Process Mining.


  1. Even though, UiPath has a separate site for the academy purpose. Like that, it would be grateful if they provide has separate login credentials for a trial period which has access for all the services for learning purposes.
  2. Also, the detail of the course can be a bit more clear for certain courses.
  3. For any doubt clarification/facing any issues, we have a forum I accept but for the academy, there should be separate people to work with. So that, people who are new/ learning in the academy may get help from the academy guides.
  4. I can see there are not many videos related to Orchestrator, Document Understanding which is predominately referred to the YouTubers. Rather than that, the team can resolve that issue and bring out the videos and documentation into the academy itself.