Automating website application that runs on adobe flashplayer



Hello -

What would be the best way to click on elements that runs on adobe flash player ?

At this moment when i use click element, i only get selected outside the flash. I tried screen scrapping and the website crashed twice. Can someone advise ?



probably using the same approach as for citrix will work> meaning Click Image, sending keys etc.


I made a process for a website we use that is entirely rendered in adobe flash and so far it seems UiPath can generally recognize an element but not necessarily what kind of element it is or any sub elements within an element like a table or list. I assume this has something to do with the composition of adobe controls versus something like a standard windows control and UiPath simply can’t recognize it and do things like select an item from a list. I found I had to use a fair amount of OCR and image recognition to get my process to work. It doesn’t appear to be completely reliable however as there was one OCR activity I had that went from working great to not wanting to work much at all and I had to add a secondary step/option for the program to make it more reliable.


Hi Guys…
Has anybody found a solution for this scenario?


Hi Guys…
Has anybody found a solution for this scenario?