Does Ui path supports Adobe Products?

Hello all,

I have a concern regarding whether Ui Path can support only selected applications in desktop or all or if selected applications Adobe FrameMaker can be supported or not(Reading, Writing, Printing, Saving as PDF ) etc.
Kindly look into the above mentioned issue and provide your valuable feedback ASAP.

Thanks lot for your help.

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Hi @indrps,
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Some of application have native support by UiPath like Adobe Reader. Some of them are difficult to operate with use of UiElements. But almost everything can be used with Computer Vision activities or OCR/Image-based activities.

Hi @Pablito
Thank You for the response but can you please tell precisely whether it will support adobe framemaker reading, writing or various other functions. If you can help in this matter then its really helpful for me.
Appreciate your reply
Thank you.

Firstly you need to know how UiPath is working. All actions like clicking, typing, sending hotkeys etc. are dependent on something we called UiElements. Each application have their own buttons, text boxes, areas, lists etc. What UiPath does is to find each of this element and get it’s properties to allow to perform any of these actions on particular application’s element. If application is written with use of something different or developer of application secured somehow possibility to reat those UiElements then UiPath is able to “read” elements based on their look (image processing) or on text written in element (ocr processing).

I can’t tell you if Adobe Framemaker will be 100% compatible with UiPath. What I can tell you is that if isn’t then you have plenty of ways to co-operate with this application with OCR/Image/Computer Vision activities. Like we used to say: “Sky is the limit!” :rocket:

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