Unable to identify adobe flash objects in UIPath Community edition... i.e 'Text box', 'List box' and 'Tables cells' ,etc

Hello All,
I need your help in identify objects in adobe flash objects inside a web app. I have already made an attempt identify elements with UI explorer and other types of recordings. Still am unable to identify object. Currently am using CV to identify text and image clicks this is not right solution to proceed further.

Is there any plugin/component from UIPath to do so.

If anybody have solution on this issue, please help me.

Thanks & Regards
Sunil Kumar N
Email : sunil9372@gmail.com

Welcome to uipath community
I hope CV activities
Or even IMAGE BASED activities would either

Many I know the issue you were facing in using them
Because even if this process is done in a Citrix environment and if we install Citrix extension, we will be facing the same

Cheers @Sunil_Kumar_N