Selectors in Adobe flash Player



Hi All,

I have been trying to automate a Web Application where some part is on Adobe Flash Player.

I am not able to get selector within Adobe Flash Player region, with UiPath Version (2018.1.4)

But I’m able to identify in my different machine with UiPath Version(2018.3.0 -Beta)

I would like know whether this issue with UiPath version or something else.

However, I have tried with UiPath Explore with all setting and checked DOM as well, did not work.

Please provide some resolution on this.

Thanks in Advanced. :slight_smile:

Kind regards


I am also facing the same issue…UiPath doesn’t support flash player, Hence every time we try to select the screen , the website becomes unresponsive…

Guys do you have any idea how to tackle this scenario?


Hi @ovi,

Do we any idea about this, Can you please get us some help on this issue?

Kind regards,


Got the same issue!
Does anybody knows how to deal with it?

:slight_smile: thanks


we are facing the same issue. Can anyone help?