Selectors in Adobe flash Player

Hi All,

I have been trying to automate a Web Application where some part is on Adobe Flash Player.

I am not able to get selector within Adobe Flash Player region, with UiPath Version (2018.1.4)

But I’m able to identify in my different machine with UiPath Version(2018.3.0 -Beta)

I would like know whether this issue with UiPath version or something else.

However, I have tried with UiPath Explore with all setting and checked DOM as well, did not work.

Please provide some resolution on this.

Thanks in Advanced. :slight_smile:

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I am also facing the same issue…UiPath doesn’t support flash player, Hence every time we try to select the screen , the website becomes unresponsive…

Guys do you have any idea how to tackle this scenario?

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Hi @ovi,

Do we any idea about this, Can you please get us some help on this issue?

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Got the same issue!
Does anybody knows how to deal with it?

:slight_smile: thanks

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we are facing the same issue. Can anyone help?

I have the same issue and seems till now didnt find a solution. @loginerror could you please help in this case ?

I believe Adobe Flash Player is not that well supported.

You might try Computer Vision activity pack to detect the elements this way though.

Hi all,

I have tested this with the web application we use in Adobe Flash Player and the new UiPath Screen OCR works perfectly with Computer Vision to capture information.

Please test this new OCR Engine along with Computer Vision to solve your problems.

I believe this should solve the problem now. :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

I have tried web application in Adobe Flash Player using OCR Engines and also CV Activities. It works fine but only issue is data extracted is unexpected for few characters. Not sure if we can make sure we get the perfect data all the time.

Also I see there will be slight more time required to execute the CV activities.

Also wanted to know if there is any other better approach to get the data?


Hi @mahantesh.kinagi

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

I am afraid that for Adobe Flash Player support the OCR methods are currently the most optimal.

Hi there,
can you please tell me how you installed the computer vision package.
i try looking for ‘UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities’ from Manage Packages, i cannot find same.
I need to login on a flash based page using uipath


Hi @nissna.seeburrun

Computer vision activities are now part of the default UIAutomation package. This, all you need to do is to update that package to the latest version :slight_smile:

Hii, thanks for your hlp :slight_smile: