Automating Siebel 8.0 I need basic advice

I need to interact with this old Java Servlet/Applet application. I need to read, write, click buttons and urls. Nearly my whole page is made up of java Objects with no discernible elements. I do most of my work with tabbing and using SendHotKeys for data entry. I’m have a tough time reading and I can not figure out how to click on a url.

I’m looking for advice. Should I try to do this using citrix and/or ocr features.

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Hi Steve,

I don’t know if you’ve already tried this, but we offer an extension for Java applications. If you don’t have it installed, this guide here should help you, and will hopefully provide you with better selectors: Java Extension Troubleshooting

Now, if you already have this installed or if installing this doesn’t help you, you might have to take more of a “Citrix-like” approach. This might include using the Citrix Recorder to click relative to recognized text or images, and possibly even using OCR to get text (although I’d try Get Visible Text and/or Get Full Text first).

Hope this helps!



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