Siebel (Oracle) automation


I need to automate Siebel version SIA [20448] ENU(*)
And i haven’t seen any solutions of this question.

I have seen only this topic with 0 answers (SIEBEL Automation -version 8.1)

Can someone help me please?


@Jom4ick, do you have a particular challenge that we can try to help with maybe? like have you tried something that did not work and if so what what happened.

other than that, i collected the below links for you, i know versions might differ but have a read through, hope you find what you are looking for:

Well i have problems with siebel selectors. Each element on page have 1 or maximum 2 selectorst which are dinamic, so i can not automate clicks and others. Citrix doesn’t help same with Java extension and i can’t use CV for this project. I will check attached links but i think it will not help. But still thanks.