Automating Google spread sheets

Hi All,
I am trying to write the data in google spread sheets using Gsuite Application Scope, but getting an error. Please check the below image.

Thanks in advance!

@suma123 What is your authentication type ?

Hello @shibani, Thanks for your quick reply
It is ServiceAccountKey

@suma123 Have you created a project on and enabled the API ?

@shibani Yes, I have already created project on that link and enabled API

@suma123 Provide the path for the JSON file you’ve just downloaded in the KeyPath field.The last step is to give the service e-mail access to the files you want to work with. This can be done through the share button. and set services to Sheet, since the api for Sheets and drive will be different

Thanks for the hint @shibani
But it got 404 error. Please kindly check the below image.