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Hi Everyone I am having a problem with my google service account connecting to a google sheet.

I have other services accounts that work perfectly that run on the same host machine.

During Runtime I noticed that it doesn’t happen all of the time, when it does it is more likely to occur if the workflow file the G-Scope is located within is invoked from another process.

Key characteristics that make this one stand out is it uses a sheet located within a shared google drive. This Sheet is also linked to google analytics.

I am running version 1.5.1 of UiPath.gsuite.activities (The project I am running needs this exact version for other objects.)

This is the Error Code I recieve:

Append Row: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError
Requested entity was not found. [404]
Errors [
	Message[Requested entity was not found.] Location[ - ] Reason[notFound] Domain[global]

This I’ve tried already include:

  1. Check file path of Service account .json file to ensure it is correct.
  2. Generated a new .json file
  3. Since it was having large problems when the process was invoked from another file I tried putting the service key .json inside the folder of the invoking process and changed the path to be just the file name so it would check within it’s own folder.
  4. I’ve referenced other postings regarding this 404 not found response and the most common item found was in regards to the wrong spreadsheet ID. I’ve verified the Spreadsheet ID is correct and valid. Although to be noted the Spreadsheet ID has a ‘-’ character within it unlike other spreadsheet ID’s I’ve noticed before.
  5. I’ve also tried updating the version to 1.8.0 (Most recent) even though other parts of my project would be disabled, but it doesn’t work on the most recent version.
  6. Google cloud api console is not report any errors and my account is active.

I cannot provide logs because that would include sensitive information. I will do my best to provide the information requested!

Hi @Churchill291 … Please check the configure scope within gsuite to make sure everything is checked…

My sample: Searching with file contains both - and _ and it worked…



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You’re a magician. Major oversight on my part. Thank you I’ve been racking my brain around this.

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