Google sheet created with Gsuite CreateNewSpreadsheet activity not accessable

I was able to create a new google sheet using Gsuite.CreateNewSpreadsheet activity, but the returned path to sheet was not accessible using my own google account.
Steps I followed

  1. Created a new app in google developer console
  2. Enabled google sheets api
  3. Created a Service account
  4. generated auth keys (tried with both json and P12)
  5. Added Gsuite.CreateSpreadSheet activity to my UiPath app

Please help me if I am doing anything wrong, or do I need a Gsuite account to get this working?

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hI @Ramees_Thattarath1, First of all welcome to our community!

see this link below and check if you’re following this:

Description from the above link:

Set of activities to interact with Google Drive, Sheets, and Gmail

Supercharge your productivity with a robot that can collaborate on spreadsheets, access stored files, and read emails all within Google Cloud.

This activity set has 16 components:

Google Drive Gmail Sheets Authentication

Click here for documentation on the activities.

UiPath-Go-Installation-Guide-Custom-Activities.pdf (827.8 KB)

Let me know,
~Diego Turati