Automatic error recording feature

Hi all,
Is there any activity which can automatically record the errors occurring during the runtime?

@mohammed.imrankhan You can use try catch and catch the exception and write the error message in a file.

I am looking forward to record the screen, already used trycatch for handling the errors.

@mohammed.imrankhan So you want to record the whole process that is happenning?

not whole process, only if the error occurs it automatically records the screen.
If this isnt possible, can you tell me how do i record my runtime?

@mohammed.imrankhan I dont know about recording screen activities , but there is a TakeScreenshot Activity


Create one new process and select process template as REFramework and go to Framework folder and you will find TakeScreenshot.xaml file and go through this workflow and the main moto of this workflow is to whenever any exception occurs at the time of process running it will take screenshot and will save into particular folder.

As @supermanPunch said, we will use Take Screenshot activity to take screenshot.

I dont have ReFramework.
I want to capture the Error Message screen.
This is my catch block,

Here message popup with error, dont close unless i click on ‘ok’, once i click ‘Ok’ it captures different screen.
Any suggestions?
How do i achieve taking screenshot of error message?