How to take a screenshot of any page of a browser

I am doing an exception handling for unknown exceptions or exceptions that aren’t specified in my project. I move from page to page of a certain software, and if an error occured, I’ll take a screenshot of it. My problem is, my since it covers all of the unknown exception of all of the workflows inside the try block. I can’t identify what page the error occured, I want(if possible) to make the take screenshot activity, to screenshot regardless of what is the page title or in which page the execution stopped.

Hi @Archie

Use Try catch Surrounded by a Process and Catch the selector not found exception

And In the Catch block use take screen shot activity and save as Image!



If you are using Re-Framework the exception is raised means there was a screenshot activity which takes screenshots and save in the Exception screenshots folder in Re-Framework

If you are not using Re-Framework then try as @pravin_calvin suggested

Hope this will help you


Thanks! It worked

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