Automate Office 365 new user

Hi, i am trying to automate the process of adding a new user on office 365 online when the bot enters the data the ‘Next’ button stays grey however when i enter it manually the ‘Next’ button is blue which i am able to click.
Picture below is a screenshot of when the bot has finished running the process the ‘Next’ button should be blue to click on as all the fields are filled.

Hi @nick.v

Use type into of all fields and in the last use click activity on the popup to check whether it is enabled


Hi @AshwinS2 HWat pop up window are you referring to?
Also clicking elsewhere on the screen does not allow the ‘Next’ button to become available

Are you using simulate type?
If yes, remove that.

Sometimes Tab also helps when navigating through forms after entering in data.

Hi @TimK I have removed simulate type and still having the same issue

Hi @nick.v
go to “NEXT” click activity property
Target => Wait for ready => select “Interactive” :slight_smile:

Have you tried tabbing through the fields?

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Thank you guys appreciated the help, i’ve been able to make the process work using click activity to click on the button then do the same again so that it picks up the blue button. cheers