Automation with O365 and Excel

Hi guys,

I have a requirement for a bot to open an Excel file using a SharePoint URL. The bot needs to add a row to the file with a few cells of data, and save.

Firstly, when I go to the SharePoint URL I am prompted with the Office 365 portal to login with username password but having difficulties automating this. Does anybody have any suggestions for this? Sometimes I have to click the previous username from list, other times type in username, and the selectors are always valid even if not visible, so it’s difficult to automate the login process.

Also, I notice in Excel web using the SharePoint URL I am unable to click on individual cells. How can I have the bot to interact with the Excel file in web?

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Hello @Jon_G ,

To automate o365 you need to first register in azure, then there you need to add the APi’s and then need to create the credentials for the authentication and use it in the O365 activities. O365 scope will be there to do these configuration. Watch the below video.

Hi Rahul,

Getting the SharePoint URL access was very difficult to grant permissions at my company - having to log tickets through other teams etc. If I have access to the excel file URL should I be able to do this in azure?

Is there an alternative if not?

As per my understanding this is the method of automating O365 apps and no other alternate methods. Lets wait for few other feedback from others, if others can give some other insights.