Bot clearing fields after typing

I’m having an issue, my bot is typing data into a new user for office 365 online however it seems to be erasing data prior for some fields and when i click save on other screens through the bots process it erases other pieces of data too… i am using type activity with the data stored inside a variable that it puts into the fields.

Hi @Adeel_Ahmed,

Could you please share your workflow here, if possible?

Pavithran M

Hi Pavithran i can’t seem to upload from my pc its a bit restricted i am able to upload images below is the workflow

Hi @Adeel_Ahmed, do the fields clear when the bot types into the next field or ONLY when it clicks save?

Once it clicks save, i have resolved it now by making it press +k enter after each input…hopefully this helps someone else later


Hi @Adeel_Ahmed,

You can also include this Type Into activity in Anchor Base activity and adding a Find Image/Find Element activity, so that the BOT identifies the respective columns like First Name, Last Name, etc., each time it executes.

Note: Make sure to correct Anchor Position property in Anchor Base according to the postion of Anchor and Activity to be performed…