Automate GIS route Map

Hi ,
I am trying to verify GIS Map route in web application

  1. One highlighted in RED is the place to type place name.
  2. One highlighted in BLUE is the verification to be done. I have to verify that Searched Street should be highlighted with a popup showing the streetname

Please help me to achieve it…

Do you face any issue while automating @shruthi_arali

How to automate this challenge. Which activity is useful ?

Hi @shruthi_arali

You can use Open/Use browser to first open the application
then use type into to type the value to the required place to search then send a enter key or if there is a search button use click to search
then use a get text or get attribute to get the value from the pop up

these are brief steps that can be used. Please explore how to use these activities has the required videos for using the activities that I mentioned