Verify Route in Map


I want to verify below scenario.

  1. When I click “ZONES” the route in Map will be highlighted in RED
    2, When I uncheck “ZONES”, the route in Map will not be highlighted in RED.
    How to verify the RED colour appearing in the MAP.
    Screenshot attached below:

@shruthi_arali is that a weblink which i can access?

@rajat.jain Its a weblink. You cannot access .

@shruthi_arali You can target a particular area in the map ,get more zoomed in and then use image recognition and then we can get the required result.If getting color confirmation is required then this approach will work

How to compare 2 images?

U have to take the one image which is required and then whenever that image is not available the activity will respond with not found .
Let me share a sample

please share me a sample.

in the above example i have used image exist
Targeted a small portion of the map which has highlighted red and when such image is not available it will says image does not exist ( bolean value is fase)

Thank you for the solution…

Thank you !

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