Automate Download of Public Domain Video

I am not sure that I am in the right place. I am using UiPath 2023, I wish to download a public domain video. I have link to DL. When clicked, I go to a screen where the video starts in a video player. Then I have to manually click the obligatory 3 dots, and select from the resulting menu (“Download”) option. The must confirm the save in a resulting dialog box. Please advise. Many thanks in advance. I have screen shots but can’t seem to find where I can include.

OK. Can add image here.

I suggest doing the free training on the UiPath Academy web site. It’ll teach you how to do these kind of basic things.

You can automate that with two clicks activities. If you send me a link to an example video I can send you a code with the solution.

Pefect, thank you!

I will be able to scrape the ink from the previous page/list. But, ultimately, this is where it needs to be downloaded from unless there is a headless http or webClient way to speed up download. I will also need to know then it is completely downloaded before I move on to the next link.

“https: // ia600300. us. archive. org/1 /items / night_of_the_living_dead/ night_of_the_living_dead_512kb.mp4”

when an url can be retrieved then we have chance to download the file with HTTP Request