How do I download all the files in a page that has tickbox function?

The webpage that I am trying to download have a tickbox for each to click and download.
So, I am trying to know if there is any way where UiPath can provide to auto download these files.

Also, is there a way where UiPath can auto change the name to a designated wording in the webpage?

Hi @Reynard_Tan
Welcome to UiPath Community !
To know if UiPath is able to “see” the boxes, first use UiPath Explorer:

Then click on indicate element, then indicate the first box.
If no error is returned, screen us the result like this:

Then use again uiexplorer and indicate the second box, and screenshot it for us.

That way we will work together on the creation of your workflow !

For your second query, I am not sure to understand what you are looking for, may you specify ? Do you mean that you want the robot to change the content of a field if there is a specific information ?

Anyways, to elaborate.

Looking at the attached photo, for the website, in order to download the file, it requires one to click on the checkbox and then click the “view” button. Once the file is downloaded, I would then have to manually change the file name to for example “G2752474K” as the default name would always be “2019021201 (1)” - first file… “2019021201 (2)” - second file and so on.

So, I was wondering if there is any way that UiPath is able to automate this process as I have few thousand files to download and it really takes a lot of time and energy to download all of them. If there is, do please guide me thanks!

Also, as I am new, I am currently using StudioX instead of Studio Pro. So this is shown on my screen instead.

Oh sorry, I didn’t see the category StudioX :worried: I don’t know in this case, maybe @AndrewHall has an idea ?