Automate Difficulties with Sage 300 Receipt Entry


I am new to Uipath
on a project to create automation for Receipt entries into Sage 300

I am trying to capture the contents of a field,
so that i can do comparison

however the field can’t be selected
“can’t be selected” means can click on it, but i cannot do a control c on it

please advice if there is any workabouts

Welcome to the UiPath Community @wilfred!

You can use Get Text activity for that field and that will give you the text you need

If that doesn’t work well, and you are struggling to get a Dynamic selector, you can also consider using Get attribute, and get the text attribute in variable

Hi Rahul

I tried Get text activity
ended up having some selector trouble
as it can’t select to the box directly.
it selects the whole line

so i tried another place to get text

the field is control and unable to put the mouse there to select or click
UIPATH selector is able to select it (get text)
but it returns nothing


I resolved it with screen scrapping

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