Automate 2 factor authentication security questions

Hello UiPathers,

I am trying to automate login 2 factor authentication, in which desktop app ask 2 random questions(ex. - Mother’s maiden name ?) to complete login process. There are total 6 questions which I saved in an excel with answers in front of each question.
As per my logic I need to screen scrap that random questions and match the screen scrap results by iterating through excel question rows, if workflow found that question in excel then it will pick answer and enter it in textbox against that question in desktop app.
Please provide guidance how can I achieve this task or if you have any similar sample workflow then it would be a great help for me and sorry for my long problem description.

Thanks !!

Hi neeraj,

First use get text activity and get that question and store it in avariable ex:security_que
In excel create two columns question and Answer with all security questions and answers
Use excel application scope
Read range activity check Add headers output is datatable ex:security_dt
Then use select query
Filtered_row =“question =‘{0}’”),security_que)
It will fetch the matching row from excel if it matches with any value
U can get the answer using

Here question and Answer are column names in excel if you are using different names then change accordingly in queries also.

Hi Lokesh,

Thanks for the solution, based on your input I have prepared a workflow though I am getting an error in assign activity “select is not a member of Uipath.Core.genericvalue” and Read range variable is not a member of string.
For get text I am using generic variable and for read range activity it is datatable type.

Attached is the workflow and excel I am using, Thanx in advance for the help.

Main.xaml (8.5 KB)
security.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Hi neeraj,

find this workflow I made some modifications and added comments just go through it.

Main (1).xaml (11.5 KB)

Excellent man !! it’s working now.
Thanks for the help and lucid explanation.