After enter Username and password asking the each time different question need to answer that and then Login?

Hi Team,

I need to automate the few processes Like entering the URL and UN and PD and I need to pull some data from there and save that data in the one location too?

In this, till entering the Password I was completed After that asking the confirmation question need to answer like this see the below screenshot? how to handle this

Note:- Each time if I am login asking the different question (Totally 3 questions only) in these itself rotationally asking the question if I enter the correct answer then I can able to login in this application !!!


Can any one tell the idea to workout this scenoria

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@RaviDevaraj Store those questions and answers in dataTable or excel. Extract the text from pop window and check against the 1st column for question, if extracted text matches with 1st column value get 2nd column value for answer.

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oh, ok idea was so good…

But to achieve this I cannot able to know?
I am New to this Can you able to guide me in this part ?


app-----.xaml (12.8 KB)

In above xaml file considering u have extracted from that app, I did operations to get answer for that particular question and stored in variable.
Let me know if u have any doubt in that part.

Hi @Manjuts90
see the below screenshot you are gave the value directly so answer is shows in message box,
But in my scenerio 3 questions and 3 answer is there i have gave in Build Data Table so when i am running a xaml file as per the question the answer will be automatically execute ?

@RaviDevaraj Using get text or some other activities get value from question and assign output to variable use that variable in place of extracted text. Instead of displaying using message use typeinto or settext activity type the variable in the answer field. Change value in build datatable according to your requirement. Previous xaml file is shown for your understanding purpose only.

You have to configure all the questions with their respective answers to achieve this :slight_smile:

hi @Manjuts90
As per my request, I have changed and if I run the XAML file I can able to log in after that I get an throws an error see below screenshot :

After this activity, I did the attach window that event not trigger

my variable declared :

DataTable :

@RaviDevaraj Give default value fort DT variable New System.Data.DataTable

try once

this only i gave there in DT Variable see the below screenshot for your reference

For DT variable i selected “” only but in variable type shows as sLike this “DataTable”

@RaviDevaraj what u did above is correct only.

In above pic i have marked, That place holds default value for a variable. In that place give Value as below.

New System.Data.DataTable

No use @Manjuts90
Again the same error only ?

@RaviDevaraj somewhere u missed assigning output to variable check it.