How to read a value from Excel Sheet column name are "User Name" and "Password" like that 50 records in an application?


Hi Team,

i am login one of the application link was “

giving the details as like in the application “User Name” and “Password” at one time only i need to login 50 users at the same time so through excel it can able to do i think so

for example, in excel sheet i need to store the 50 users username and password and then using open browser i can go in to that site then Typeinto controls i can able to login for single user and doing calculation process, as like same for the 50 users i need to done at the same time how it is posssible. can anyone help me to solve this issues .



Sounds a bit suspicious!!

Create a loop for each row in the datatable (after reading into Excel) write the username and password into the login fields.

In fact if you do the RPA Challenge this is exactly what is done (not login albeit).



Hi @richarddenton

i am fresher to this UI Path i using this tool last two weeks only. so i am not familiar with this

And what you are reply above message i didn’t understand .

Basically need to create loop and fetch data from excel sheet that’s what my understanding in your above message
Am i right or wrong ?
Can you please guide me to solve this issues?


Please search the forum for looping through data tables, there are many examples.

Also, have you done the RPA academy - you should start here first to give yourself a solid foundation in UiPath.


Hi @richarddenton,

RPA Academy ?
how to know about this. how i can access this one
Can you please tell me.


Google is your friend paaji! :slight_smile: