Auto Retry if a job is in faulted state

Hi All,

Just wanted to check if there is any option in Ui path to automatically restart a job if it gets faulted. Note that i am not using a queue. would just require the entire job to restart once it gets in faulted state.

Here’s a feature request topic that you can vote on Auto Restart of failed jobs in orchestrator - Feedback / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum -


  1. Add Retry Scope:

    • Surround the activities or sequence with a “Retry Scope” activity in UiPath.
  2. Configure Retry:

    • Set the “Number of Retries” property in the Retry Scope to the desired number, and configure conditions to retry on specific exceptions or faulted states.


Meant in orchestrator not in code.


In UiPath Orchestrator, for non-queue jobs:

  1. Job Settings:

    • In Orchestrator, go to the specific job’s settings and configure the “Retry Number” property to automatically restart the job upon failure.
  2. Retry Strategy:

    • Set the desired retry strategy (e.g., exponential or fixed interval) to control how often the job is retried after a faulted state.


can you please elaborate on where we can see the settings and the mentioned configurations?

Also struggling to find where these settings can be configured. Can you please elaborate, perhaps include a screenshot? Thanks