Auto Restart of failed jobs in orchestrator

Hi Team,

We have got an option for each process under JOBS to restart the same job whenever we need

But it would be great if we can have an option in such a way that if a bot fails due to some exception (any exception) can the orchestrator automatically restart that process

Because it’s the same what developers do when a bot fails, like they see the error and then restart the process

So this option can be added as a Enable/Disable Option while creating PROCESS itself like
Auto Restart - Enable / Disable

If the option is enabled it will restart the job automatically when it fails due to exception or it won’t

This will help the developer saving some time in monitoring the bot and restart the jobs that got failed


Hey @Palaniyappan

Could you please provide some more context? In a typical scenario, wouldn’t this result in multiple failed processes after each other?

I just found this thread looking for some info on enabling this, so I will give you the scenario that I ran into. We have a quite stable automation that runs morning/evening Monday-Friday to change certain client communication parameters per specific client’s requests. However, this Friday evening I missed the notification that the process failed:

RemoteException wrapping System.ArgumentException: The Computer Vision server encountered an error.

I agree that if the setting is as simple as re-run for all errors it could often cause infinite loops of failed jobs, but in a case like this where an important job failed due to what was almost certainly a just a momentary network issue, it would be nice to know that the job could run again.

Thank you for the extra context, I get it now. I will leave it up to the Orchestrator team to consider it for the future :slight_smile: