Auto Populating field in Uipath forms

HI All,
I am exploring forms in uipath.
need small help
I have one dt (id|name|department)with employee info.
I want to create a form in which we have to enter employee id then name & department will get auto populate.
we can edit department and updated dt will be output


We Could use a Switch Activity in the Do Block of the Form and Perform the Operation Based on the Button Selected in the Form.

  1. Find ID
  • After Entering the ID, Click Find to Auto Populate the Name and Department
  1. Update
  • Update Department if needed. Click Update for Updating in the Datatable.

Using row Indices of the Datatable we can update the specific row matching ID.

Take a Look at he Below Workflow and Let us know if you face any issues :
Test.xaml (18.3 KB)

Hey just curious, how can this be achieved without creating additional button? Like when the ID is entered, data should be pulled from backend and update the forms. Is it possible? Or a trigger/button is required always?

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