Get cookies from httpRequest response


I am currently working on an automation project with RPA and I am stuck in the use of the httpRequest activity.
I need to send an httpRequest to the authentication service and obtain the authentication token contained in the response cookies.I tried several methods found on the forum but I can’t get my cookies.

When using Postman i can get them

This the configuration of my httpRequest activity:

My cookies aren’t in the headers response.

Can someone get help me please

thank you

Hello @Nab_R

Welcome to the Ui path community , please can you check if your X-API-Token is present in your Headers.

Can you please put a screen shot of Postman Headers tab here.

If your token is present in the headers then I would recommend using the below solution for extracting the value from headers,the cookie would probably be present with a key of set-cookie

Sample of what I am exactly referring to is NID value ,Cookies tab screen shot ,

This NID value is also present in Headers tab of Postman,

Hello @mzahid,

Thank you for your reply.
I checked this solution before posting my question and my X-API-Token is not present in the header information.

I’m looking for a way to get cookies information received after sending an http Request using httpRequest activity.

I don’t know if it’s possible in uipath!

Thank’s for your help.

Hello! Did you manage to solve this?

I am also facing similar issues in accessing Documentum APIs. Do we have any solution on this?