Audit report in reframe work

hi team can anyone help how do i write Audit report once transcation is succssful in reframawork

like i want to prepare audit report in excel like

if transaction is successful- sucess
if tranacacation failed- failed

ihave built the project in Reframe work

Hi @T_Y_Raju

The following thread might be helps you.


Hi @T_Y_Raju

In RE Frameworks open the Process Transaction state in that Open the Invoke Set Transaction status invoked workflow. In that workflow open the Success sequence you find the Set transaction status activity in the above of the activity you can use excel activities to update the excel file for success update.

For failed in the same Set Transaction status invoked workflow open the system exception sequence in that sequence in the above of the set transaction activity you can use the excel activities to update failure.

Hope it helps!!

lke if i get a system exception or business exception also i wat to write


You have to add in this

Follow these Steps:

  1. Build a DataTable In Init All setting.
    Pass This Data table to “Set Transaction Status Process” and “End Process State” As well.

  2. Go in Set Transaction Status process and → use add Data Row Activity three places (Business,
    System, Successfull) and pass suitable arguments to it.

  3. Go in End Process State and Write it to Excel file through Current DateTime for unique Reference.


Better to add in this

can i have u r mail id


In Initialization state add Build Data table activity
In above image Success, Business Exception, System Exception add Add Data Row activity
In End Process add Write Range Workbook activity

i have build dt table in int state…how to i call that dt table variable in set trasaction status

By using arguments you can pass that dt variable

it seems to be difficult

Hey @T_Y_Raju

→ First create a variable with data table datatype in Main.xaml.
→ Open the initialisation state and you can find a first run sequence in that sequence drag and drop build datatable activity create a argument here with datatable datatype. Pass this argument to the variable in the main.xaml.
→ I already update where to add the add data row activity at first in this post.
→ create an datatable datatype argument in that xaml and pass it to the datatable variable in the Main.xaml

Hope you understand!!

In init you can build data table and select rows otherwise will call in every iteration and it will take memory which is not good thing.

Its a simple build data table in init state and give back to main…then receive in variable and give that variable to process state and use this in set transaction.
It is logically tough but its a right approach.

in whcih part of int state i hve build this data table

In init state there is a first run sequence in that sequence use the build datatable activity. @T_Y_Raju

scrrenshot plz it would help me


Check the below screenshot
It was the first run sequence, in the last of sequence add the build datatable activity.

After the add fields log activity place the build datatable in that sequence, check the below screenshot for better understanding.

Hope you got it!!

can u plz build any solution based on this example and send me the xlml file