Audit Completness testing

HELP!, I am a beginner I have a Sales register Excel sheet with a total amount in column H I want to compare the total amount in the sales register sheet to another sheet that has a sales journal, where a total amount is in column E . I want to design a bot where it compares each row from these 2 specific columns and flag any discrepancy ( if each transaction is number in the sales register file does not equal to the amount in the sales journal sheet) by creating a new column in the sales journal and the sales register sheets next to the rows that do not equal.


Can you share sample input and expected output?


input would be the amount column in each of these two sheets (each sheet have different column with different data) and output would be to flag which transaction ID amount in the register sales sheet does not match the amount for the same transaction ID by creating a new column with the difference between the two column

I tried to attach screenshots of what the excel sheets look like,but its not allowing me i am also trying to run another bot that flags any mismatch in the invoice number columns in both of these sheets
Thank you