Comparing specific columns in one excel with columns in other excel

Hey guys… I have to compare invoice no, amount and company name columns from one excel with the respective columns in another excel . How to do that plz explain…
M attaching excels one is HEADERSHEET and another is INVOICE DUMP.
Thank u.

Comparision of Dump and Header Sheet.xlsx (10.6 KB)

what you mean compare?

I wanna check values from columns (Invoice no, customer name , amount) matches with respective columns in 2nd excel or not

I have to process only those invoices whose values matches with invoice nos in another excel

but what are you doing after comparing them?

oh ok, then you want to read both to datatables and use Join DataTable, you will get a resulting datatable of only the rows that are in both.

M creating work order if all values in those 3 columns matches wid another excel columns

Join data table joins the data tables on the basis of column names. It dont check weather values in columns are same or not

use inner join and choose all columns that need to be equal.

Is the format of another excel is same as the current format

Yes its same

Hey thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face: Will try it

Hey thank u… It worked :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello bcorrea… Inner join gives matched rows. How to get Unmatched rows. I have two create another excel of unmatched rows…
Plz help . Thank u.

i guess you just invert the conditions you did for the join…