How to compare two number

in a file excel, I have to sheet column to compare.


Purchase_Order Line # Submitted Amt TimeSheet Due Date Actual Completion
0410026193 1 274530,36 10905 31/12/2021 04/29/20


Purchase_Order Line # Submitted Amt TimeSheet
0410026193 1 6051,12 10905
0410026193 1 64175,73 10905
0410026193 1 15128,96 10905
0410026193 1 7324,88 10905
0410026193 1 72469,2 10905
0410026193 1 75766,98 10905
0410026193 1 33613,49 10905

I have to verify that the sum of the Submitted Amt column, of sheet2,
is equal to the total of the same column in sheet1.

Can help me? pls??

Hello, all you have to do is read column 2 into separate data tables …for dt2 containing all the amounts you sum them while looping through and then you compare the values .
Hold on I am doing a sample workflow for you right now

hi @AaronMark,

For the Sheet 2 - In the Excel File itself - Can we have a Formula at the Bottom which sums up the Submitted Amount for us in Excel. If yes- let say you have the Sum available in Cell A20 - we Read this sheet directly by read cell and get the Total .

Next we Go to the Sheet 1 and assuming the Total in sheet 1 is at fixed cell B20 - we Read this cell and get the Total.

Next - we compare the above 2 results.


Hi Mukeshkala,
Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately I can’t use the formula on the excel sheet.
It would have been nice, but not applicable to my situation.
I have to do the processing using the datatable and excel Workbook.
I will need the output to determine one or the other operation.

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Thanks David…
If you can, I would be grateful.
I have no programming experience.

I should be working with Workbook and not Excel aplication scope … I don’t know if this can make a difference.

Hello Aaron. This should help. find attached .please let me know if you have any (21.6 KB)

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Hi David,
To be honest, it doesn’t work.
I don’t know the commands you have set.
I am very inexperienced with UiPath …but, your flow,
says the total doesn’t match,
while, making the sum, however, the total is the same.

SumColumn.xlsx (9,4 KB)

This is my excel sheet,
with the formatting of the two tables, after data collection.

The two totals should match.

Hello Aaron, please find attached. i have have configured the sequnce with the same excel you sent.let me know if its okay. (23.1 KB)

Hi @AaronMark

1.Create two data table variables DT1 and DT2.
2.Use for each row pass DT1 and then use another for each row activity pass DT2.
3.Use If condition compare row(“DT1ColumnName”).contais(row(“DT2ColumnName”)).

Kommi Jeevan.

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Sorry for the change.
They have just informed me that this type of control could generate errors in the comparison phase.

I think the best way is to group and add up.

That is, from this:

Purchase_Order Line # Submitted Amt
0410026193 1 6051,12
0410026193 1 64175,73
0410026193 1 15128,96
0410026193 1 7324,88
0410026193 1 72469,2
0410026193 1 75766,98
0410026193 1 33613,49
Group by Purchase Order and PO Line,
and add up the amounts.

To get the same output as the other sheet.

Purchase_Order Line # Submitted Amt
0410026193 1 274530,36

This is the best solution.
Then I can fit this into the rest of my already created workflow…

Can anyone help me with this? For me, working on excell + uipath is very difficult.

Hello Aaron did you try my recent xaml … it works fine now

TotalMatch.xaml (7.2 KB)

change your input file path and test it.


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ouch… Hi Kadiravan…

What you did, I think is what comes closest to my need.
the check is correct, but I should extend it.

First problem is that the original file contains other columns, so it gives me an error in the flow.
This is my worksheet.
10905-ExCoupa.xlsx (11,8 KB)

Basically, after a series of scraping,
obtaining two tables “Coupa” and “Snow” that I have to compare in the exposed totals.

The consideration is that a Purchase Order can consist of one or more lines on Service Now,
and on Coupa, the same. The order can be placed in one line or multiple lines for the same purchase order.

What you did, I think, do this check, considering the columns Purchase_Order and Submitted Amt.
Is it possible to external considering also the Po Line, ignoring the other columns present?

Or have an output on a new sheet, the lines joined together.
After that, I would be autonomous in subsequent operations.