EXCEL QUERY - Compare and return the matching row

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I have two excels A & B, Where excel A has a Name and Amount column, and B has Name, Description, Amount.A.xlsx (8.5 KB) B.xlsx (8.6 KB)

My Bot should take first guy Sanjay’s Amount from Excel A and match it with the amount of Sanjay’s in Excel B and if there is any match, then return that entire row that contains “Name, Description, Amount” into the separate DataTable.

Note - The Bot should compare the two Excel with respect to Name only, If Bot Took Sanjay’s amount from excel A, it should verify with only Sanjay’s Data in Excel B to find a match and return the entire row

And for your info, Excel A and B can have many columns, But Name, Amount, Description are unique.

@Palaniyappan @Yoichi @ppr @NIVED_NAMBIAR, Please help me cross this hurdle!!!

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Hi @Rakesh_Sampath ,

Does this the output you are looking at??

I have built the workflow…
Let me know, if any changes required
ExcelTest.zip (34.2 KB)

Hi @kantheshm

My requirement is where if the scenario be "Bot takes first row from excel A, where now it has name Sanjay and his amount, compare that the “amount” he has with excel B only with the data that has name as “Sanjay” and return the matching rows.

Thanks !!!

Check this workflow, @Rakesh_Sampath Uipath_Reconciliation.zip (23.0 KB)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:


Hi @Rakesh_Sampath
Check this buddy

process1.zip (466.9 KB)


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