Attended robot on Virtual Machine

I have developed an attended robot.
Now i want to make it running on a virtual machine. Can i do it? How?

You can do it, but will need access to the machine, you want to run it on.

Follow this documentation: Installing the Robot

Gz kc-x

It seems I need Orchestrator to execute my project on Virtual Machine. Is not possible to install only UiRobot?

Yes, thats possible as well, but has considerable downsides. Are you going to use the Robot in an enterprise environment for commercial purposes?

Unattended or Attended?

Enterprise environment, but only one robot, that’s why i can’t ask to buy orchestrator.
Robot dont need user inputs so i think it’s better to develop an unattended robot, is it?

I believe, that under the new license terms it is only possible to have attended bot without orchestration, but not the unattended one. I would recommend you to reach out to UiPath in this matter.

There are multiple options to deploy a bot without Orchestrator, to name two:

  1. You could publish project locally and copy the .nupkg into the Robots default package location (%programdata%/UiPath/Packages)
  2. You can start via CMD, .batch or Windows Scheduling
    To start a robot from CMD:
    cd <UiRobot.exe directory>
    UiRobot.exe - file “<path to your .nupkg>”
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