Attended robot configuriation missing on Community Cloud

Hello Guys,

i am facing some issues on new Apollo style. I am trying to deploy a simple machine template on my community cloud edition. I create the template, copy & paste the template machine key with my agent but popups fires me “connected, unlicensed” so i go to users configuration in order to enable my credential to be an attended robot (like i did on previous version) but i am not able to find Attended Robot configuration tab. Anyone can help me on this?


Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hello ksrinu070184,
Thank you for reply! I already follow this guide and i configure the Security settings as below:

So as of my understanding i should be able to set Machine Key Template on my laptop but agent costantly says “Conntected, unlicensed” like it have no license but my user is associate to a group that has Developer Pro license