Orchestrator community version

Hello, could someone help in the below issue I am facing while connecting my machine to the community Orchestrator

Review your Orchestrator URL, I understand it to be in the format of http://platform.uipath.com/[AccountLogicalName]/[ServiceName]/

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Hi and thank you for your reply! it has worked, but the status is unlicensed, is it because, not as stated in the documentation and the training material on the academy as “licensed connected”
any ideas?

Have you created a Robot record for the machine with the appropriate Robot Type?


The exact steps will depend on if you are using Classic Folder or Modern Folders, and if you’ve setup for Auto-provision robots.

Yes I have created a robot and the status is available and I only have default folder available,

I’d validate the credentials you have on the robot, make sure that the username matches your local computer user - can use the whoami command in Command Prompt.

typically it would be like hostname\username

Thank you Sir, it is true, I forgot to add the domain\ to the user field
Thanks again!

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