Attended Concurrent licensing

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Need to understand about Attended Concurrent licensing

  1. Can we have Attended Concurrent license without orchestrator ?
    If yes what is the difference between both with orchestrator and without orchestrator.
  2. what is the limitation for Attended Concurrent license ?

Please help me understand a bit on these.



  • Attended Concurrent - This type of license grants multiple users the possibility of simultaneously running their Robots, and to consume licenses only when they need to use Robots. This type of license is recommended if users are working in shifts.No matter how many users are defined in Orchestrator, a license is consumed only when the Robot tray is opened.For example, you can have 50 users on 300 machines, all defined as Attended Robots in Orchestrator, but consume no licenses at all, because no one is using their Robot (the Robot tray is not opened). If 2 users connect from the same machine, 2 licenses are consumed.The Attended Concurrent page displays all the usernames that have been connected as Robots to Orchestrator, along with the last login time, the number of machines it is assigned to and if the Robot is licensed. Lastly, a list of all the Robots defined on a specific username can be displayed, by clicking the View Robots button.

Regardless of the type of Attended license you have, it is possible to run Attended Robots offline for a specified number of hours. This means that Robots do not lose their licenses if, for any reason, they lose their connection to Orchestrator. This parameter is configurable from the tenant Settings page.

UiPath - Attended Robot - Concurrent User
Concurrent licenses are available ONLY in the case of Orchestrator scenario. 1 connected user, unlimited users and workstations defined. Attended Concurrent User License - the No. of Attended Concurrent user licenses purchased equals the maximum number of users who are allowed to simultaneously connect their attended robot to Orchestrator, regardless of the number of user and machines defined in Orchestrator.


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so attended concurrent user license is recommended only with the use of orchestrator right…


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@balu - Yes :slight_smile:

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