Concurrent Attended Robot License Question

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Here is my situation: This is a real life problem and we are looking for a solution based on UiPath concurrent attended robots but unsure about the following situation.

We want to install 50 concurrent robot licenses on 2000 different machines. However, in my knowledge, an Orchestrator is needed to check the license consumption status of each robot when the robot tray is opened. Is it true that I need a licensed orchestrator installation to work with attended concurrent robots?

A user in a separate thread answered that an orchestrator is not needed for attended concurrent robots. I find it very confusing because without a connection between the robot and the orchestrator, how can UiPath or we confirm if a concurrent attended robot is running on one of the machines?

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Please find the attached file for reference.

UiPath Licensing - Licensing (292.1 KB)

@lakshman thank you but this information is known to me through the UiPath online guidelines about Licensing. However, this document does not answer my question about how will we or UiPath know about the actively used concurrent attended licenses without an orchestrator?

Concurrent license is currently supported only via Orchestrator. Please refer below post


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