Attended bot - Two tabs have same name, bot should not kill any tabs among 2 tabs


I would really appreciate if someone responds on this issue.

I am currently working on an attended bot. Users open a tab1 (amazon dashboard) and clicks on a customer name and that customer account will open in another tab 2 - It may have multiple names(like amazon cust account/amazon account/amazon form/ amazon customer). Bot will take over the process.

If I place the window title as “Amazon*” Bot is always routing to first tab which is Amazon dashboard and I cannot let the bot close Amazon dashboard tab.
Even if Amazon dashboard tab is up, bot should be routing to tab 2 to perform further steps.
How can I handle this scenario?

Thanking you in Advance

have a look here on how a possible approach could look like and about some internals reflecting the meachanism.

your case has some similarities as the attach match to the first and ignores the second

Maybe non greedy selectors would help? Activate with selector coming from tab 2?

Thank you for the thread Peter. I went over it and found that @Shubham_Varshney is closing one tab , working with other and then reopening the closed tab.
But in my scenario, I will have to keep both the tabs open and also as it is an attended bot, not sure how many other tabs will be opened by the user. So I cannot go for Idx method!!

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I will try it and update you.

Thank you


the inner details of this thread are more on the technical internals on how attach is working and finding the tabs/browsers.

the details form the XAML

  • the trick collect all possible tabs/browsers and select later controlled the one of choice is the pointer to your case
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