Attended Bot Multiple users

Hi Users

I have built a basic automation of extracting a Report from UI browser and that is run by Attended bot from ochestrator…how ever my question is can Multiple users execute the same bot simultaneously from different machines at any given point of time as per their requirement…if so how that can be done?

Activity :
Bot navigates to web based application in browser

Upload the file from Drive
Select specific columns
And hit create button


  1. Attended bots cannot be run from orchestrator …they can run from assistant only
  2. The same bot can be run in attended or unattended by different users…that is not an issue
    3 to run on multiple, allocate required license and then start the processes as needed



Basically to answer to your query
It is possible to run this process multiple machines you want in an attended mode

But it is not possible to run from orchestrator
Because attended bots though can be deployed in orchestrator we won’t be able to trigger from there
You can deploy bots on multiple machine and will be execute from UiPath ASSISTANT

If your multiple machines has robot installed and am UiPath assistant installed then you can run this same process from n number of times at the same time

Keep these things in mind

To do this, you will need to:

  1. Purchase enough attended bot licenses for your organization
  2. Create a user account for each user who will be running the bot
  3. Assign each user account to the appropriate role.
  4. Deploy the bot to Orchestrator.
  5. Each attended bot license can only be used by one user at a time.
  6. Attended bots can only be run on machines that have the UiPath Robot installed.

Cheers @sreekanth1