Named user Attended BOT license

We have procured 1 Studio and 1 named user attended bot. Since the bot is a named user is it possible to run the bot in multiple machines ( not concurrently).
The documents says it has to be connected to the active directory to do so and local users will consume a license. Is orchestrator required for the named user attended robot to run on multiple machines(not concurrently)?

Hi @Anitha_Lakshmi

No it is not possible using same bot to run multiple machine if you have license 1 studio user and attended bot. If you want execute in another machine first you want deactivate license in current machine.

Kommi Jeevan.

I don’t think that is how it works. Named user is associated with one person, so the Robot (if the logic is same with Studio) will be connected with Machine ID, so you won’t be able to install it on other machines.

HI @Anitha_Lakshmi

Agree with the other two guys here… If you are using named user license, it is not allowed to install or use the same license in multiple machines because it is associated with the machine ID. So you will only be able to use it in that machine. If you want to use it in another machine, you first need to disable the license in the current machine and then move it to the other.

Orchestrator is not required for the named user attended license. However, if you have unattended licenses, Orchestrator is required

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@Anitha_Lakshmi Yes, You require orchestrator to run a named user bot to multiple machine without it’s not possible to activate the bot other machine until UiPath deactivate the licenese for that machine.
There is no case of concurrently.
For this you have to contact before buy a license from UiPath and contract UiPath to create the n. of instance of that license to activate the bot. By default it’s not.