Can I run one robot on multiple VMs?

Hi everyone,

We currently have one attended robot running a process for one of our lines of business but we want to expand its use. The only issue is - the other lines of business will have different access to our systems.

As we are only using attended at the moment we don’t want the user who runs the bot for one process to have the same access as the others, this is due to risk and controls (we are needing to know if we need to build the business case for more bots).

What we need to know, before purchasing more bots is that if we can run separate processes on separate VMs using one bot?

Keep in mind, we understand bots can only perform one process at a time, so we would be working off a ‘run schedule’.


Process A runs at 9-10am on VM1

Process B runs at 2-3pm on VM2

Both have different access, but same bot is ‘moving’ between machines.

If I haven’t made anything clear let me know.

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I have the same question. @ovi Can you please help us? Can we install Attended Bot on Multiple VMs and provision in Orchestrator with same user credentials.

Hi @CBlanchard

Yes, from the 2018.2 version you can do this. Your scenario fits perfectly in what is described in the release notes: “For those using the same username on multiple machines, you might want to know that Named User licenses for your Attended and Development Robots are available. If you are working in shifts, then Attended and Development Concurrent licensing models might be your thing. In this case, licenses are consumed only when users are actually using their Robots, a feature that can decrease your licensing needs significantly.”

Here are the details in the user guide:
And the Release notes: Release Notes


Hi @ailas2030

Yes, you can. See my answer above. If you still have questions let me know.


Thank @ovi. We are using 2018.1.1 version now, I guess we need to migrate to 2018.2 to use this feature.

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@ovi How do we go about getting download links to upgrade for Enterprise edition Orchestrator, Studio, and Robots?
Do we need to open a support ticket to obtain the correct files needed every time we want to upgrade our existing software to a specified version number?

Excellent, thanks Ovi. I’ll speak to our infrastructure team to check what version we are on. This is great news!

@ovi just one final check Ovi, this requires us to have orchestrator to utilise these license types is this correct?

Edit: Nevermind, answered my own question. :slight_smile:

Hey @CBlanchard

Just for the answer to be here, yes, Orchestrator is needed for Concurrent licensing. :slight_smile:

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