AttachmentsCollection is empty - For each Email Activity

It seems that there is an initialization / sync issue for email AttachmentCollection when looping over the emails

Email has attachments, Emails are retrieved within the flow

Steps for replication:

  • Use Desktop Outlook
    • For each Email Acitivty
      • Check Attachment Count

Result is 0 / Empty Email Collection

But when Save attachments activity is used for this email, the attachments are saved
Checking the Attachments Count again after Save Attachments Activity execution, the count is correct retrieved

UiPath.Mail.Activities Version: 1.12.3


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I have it a quick test and it looks to be broken on UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.12.3, but works as expected when I upgraded to the preview version 1.13.1-preview :slight_smile:

Yes, was tested with UiPath.Mail.Activities V 1.12.3 on UiPath Studio Enterprise (I updated topic)
Good to know that it will be work on next Version

Thanks for this feedback

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HI @ppr. Updating the issue. It is not working with the updated version also. My workflow uses the Use Outlook 365 Scope.
I am attaching some screenshots for reference.


Note - I am using the UiPath Community Version, so let me know if this is the problem.


@Rohan_Goswami1 you have to check “Retrieve attachments” flag on For Each Email activity.

Thanks @ovidiuponoran. Its Working.

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