Not Getting the email attachments

Hii Everyone, I am trying to download attachment from outlook mail. But before that i am checking there is attachment present in the mail or not.
Problem - There is attachment present but still showing no attachment in mail.
for reference I have attached the SS of my workflow.

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Rohan Goswami

have a check on changing the if condition to:
CurrentMail.Attachments.Count > 0

In case of it is not working as expected analyze it like following:

  • set a breakpoint on the if activity
  • debug file and get paused
  • open immediate panel and type in:
    in case of more attachments are found, just analyze it more in detail within the immediate panel

Thanks @ppr ,
I have tried with this method. Can you suggest me any other solution?

please share with us what was done and what was received. Thanks

A further inspection came to following result:

Using an email with attachments:

Showing a count of 0

After saving the attachments:

We do see a count of 2 (which is correct)

We would recommend to check this also at your end. Once we can replicate it with your help then we can submit it to UiPath Development team for a next check

Hi, Yes this is correct I have tried it with my side. When I don’t use save attachment the count shows 0 but after save attachment it counts the number of attachment.

as a workaround check an alternate implementation with:

  • the Get Outlook Mail Message along
  • for each activity for looping over the emails

Cross Reference:

Okay Thanks

With Regards
Rohan Goswami

Hi @Rohan_Goswami1

Could you please try to update your Mail activity package to the latest preview version? I’ve tested the above behaviour on UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.13.1-preview and it worked as you would expect.

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