Save Email Attachment Is not Working in use Outlook 365 Scope Can Any one have idea?

Hello Everyone,
I am Working on Email Automation. Using Outlook 365 Scope to build the project.
issue - Save email Attachment is not saving the attachment.(There are number if attachment present in mail).
I use the log message to check the number of attachments it shows 0.
I have attached some screenshots for references.


Hi @Rohan_Goswami1

Refer the Document


Hi @Rohan_Goswami1

Closely see to the Limit emails first you have set to 1 so that it will process one Unread mail in list it seems!

Try increasing the limit and try once again!

  • Limit emails to first - Enter or select a limit for the maximum number of emails to process. Set a lower limit if you want to reduce processing times. The default value is 100 emails.

Refer to the documentation below!


Thanks @Gokul001 but i have gone through this. It is not helping me.

Thanks @pravin_calvin I have tried with default value 100 and also by 10. But the same issue is occurring.


Give a try on enabling the check box with attachments!


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This solution Worked for me

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