Attaching files, sending Google emails (maximum file size limit)


I would like to send over 300+ worth of files to another email. However, my google email does not allow me to attach more than ~5-10 files at each time. I am also not able to send it as a Google drive link due to security restrictions.

Kindly advise if I can create an RPA for this, or the best way forward is to manually select and send.

List of files I would like to send

I would like to loop through each folder, and send the list of files. But note, I can only select a maximum of around 5 files each time as Google Email restricts the size of the files I can send each time.
Google Email file size restriction



Hi @hailey7

Zip the folder contains list of list of files and send as a mail attachments!


Hi @pravin_calvin,

Thanks! Sorry -I should have clarified too, but due to security restrictions, i cannot send ZIP-ed files over to the other email address. Neither can I send google drive links…




It’s a restriction from google mail itself

So you have to restrict your mails which is having <25MB

Maybe you can calculate the size of the file and make that into one email

Hope this may help you