Send large SMTP attachments

I need to send some attachments via SMTP Mail Message but my files are larger than 7MB each.
Is there a way to send larger than 5MB Files via SMTP?

Hello @luan.quirino1 ,

This is an infrastructure question. Your Exchange admin must be able to address the file limit.

Did you try to compress the file down?

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I did, but compressing/ziping it makes it still larger than 5MB. The files are Excel Sheets.

Hi @luan.quirino1 ,

There are more than one ways to solve this problem. But please note that sometimes that one aspect (in this case just RPA) cannot solve it all.

If sending attachments > 5MB is a legitimate limit, then RPA cannot help you alter that limit artificially. There are two ways you can approach the problem:

First. As stated in my previous post, check with your admin to see if there is a way to revise the upper limit of the attachment size

Second. If that does not cut it then you may have to consider splitting the files across multiple emails with smaller zipped attachments.

Sending large attachments over email is an unrecommended practice these days because files can be distributed via shared drives, or enterprise solutions such as OneDrive or SharePoint.

Therefore even if you manage to squeeze one large 5MB attachment into a single email and build an RPA solution around it, chances are it will not serve your purpose very long.

If I were you, I would consider splitting the email into multiples and send them out.

The logic would be very simple and your process can adapt easily if your attachment size is revised higher or lower in the future.