Send SMTP Message (gmail): how to mimic the behavior of sharing the gDrive link instead of Attachment?

Hi all,
I’ve obviously seen your chat suggesting to be nuts trying to send the email message with a large attachment. Google doesn’t allow this as an attachment BUT it enables the option to share it via Google Drive when it’s a human being composing the email message.
Is there any option to mimic this with UiPath?
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Do You want to replicate this scenario while sending an email from your own machine and the attachment size is huge ?

Would be great to avoid using my own machine but by now it could be the solution.

The file to attach is downloaded from ARIBA based on request, and has to be delivered to the requester via email. Normally these pdf files are of normal size (when it’s 3-paged document), but sometimes it can be huge (like 140Mb, for 82-paged pdf)

Any options?

Thanks again

Hey @natalynv,

You have to write your own code because we do not have any activity in uipath itself to achieve it.You have to check the Attachment size in that case and if it is larger than 26 MB (in case of outlook) then you can share the link of the file where you have kept it.

FileInfo f=new FileInfo(“Path of the file”)
var FileSize=f.Length;//It will give you the size in KB convrt it to mb
If FileSize>26
then send the file link in mail body
send the attachment

thank you, Aman!

I was thinking about something like a rule but you gave me the point! Now just need to define the upload to gDrive first if the size exceeds the maximum allowed :slight_smile:

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