How to send large files using SMTP

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Scenario- i need to send out PDF file with size 16 mb using SMTP, max size limit for sending email using SMTP is 10 MB, is there any other solution to send out the attachment with more than 10 mb size in one email.


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we can zip the file and send it
as it is not even possible to send manually from our mail box, we could compress the file and send to the recipients
for zipping the file

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So for this process i have 40 different pdf’s with 40 recipients, bot should send out 40 emails with one attachment in each email, do i have to zip all 40 pdf’s

that wont change the content of pdf so it would be better if we can zip all the pdf and send them to the user
Cheers @loka_shemanth

is there anyway other than zipping the pdf

I don’t think there is a limit of just 10 MB, Have you tried with that file and got any error? @loka_shemanth

Yah we can save them in a shared folder and that shared folder must be given with access to those people to whom you are going to send so that they will be able to get that file from that folder
But as it is more 40 people instead of creating access for them we can zip the file and send them via mail which is easier

Cheers @loka_shemanth

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Hey @loka_shemanth

I also checked on this and I believe that approach mentioned by @Palaniyappan on sharing a link would be better.

I personally don’t recommend sending out emails with large attachments. It has different drawbacks. The main would be the time consumed to attach the large file and the time consumed for it to go through a network and reach the client. Sometimes these attachments might get removed from their email policies too because of the file size.

So, if you are sending large files over email, I would also recommend to set it to a shared folder or a drive and share the link with the person over email. So that if he wants to view it he will go to the link and download the attachments by himself…

But it’s just my idea :slight_smile:

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Hi, i’m have a folder with size is 28MB, after use Zip activity this folder has size is 24MB, and i can not send with SMTP, instead i 'm use Outlook mail but it’s impossible in my server. So how can i solve this problem ?

@Palaniyappan i have a excel which is having only 7.5 MB but when i am sending email through SMTP i am not getting any email if i send same file with less data 2 MB it is going.
can you help me on this

Break them up into multiple emails so the size is below your organization’s attachment size limit.