Attach window option not showing

I cannot see attach window in my activities. Please advise.


Have you verified if you have the package UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities installed?


I have the exact same problem. For a couple of days ago, it was there - and I do have the correct UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package installed.

I’ve tried to uninstall/install, restart a so on, but nothing works.

Anyone knows what to do?

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I had the same problem and was using the community version. The solution for me was to downgrade to an older version of the UIAutomation.Activities package(20.4.3) for the software version 2020.10.2.

Same problem here, using UIAutomation.Activities package 20.10.9 (or 20.12.0 preview) on Studio Community 2020.10.4.
Had to downgrade to 20.4.3 package version to find “attach window” activity.

In case anyone else stumbles across this issue in the future …

If you are missing the ‘Attach Window’ option, be sure you that your Activities filter is set to include Classic activities (i.e. the ‘Show Classic’ option is checked under the ‘View Options’ above the Activities panel) before starting to upgrade/downgrade packages.

Sometimes it is the simple things.

Let’s not discuss the amount of time it took me to learn this simple lesson.


The best answer on this topic! Thank you!

Best answer on this topic!

You need to downgrade the version or you may use Application/browser will work the same like attach window.

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Thanks @stuk. I have found it finally : D

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It works for me. Thanks!

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