Cant Attach a window

Hi everyone

Im looking for an answer, i got a big problem.
Im triying to automating a VPN access, and how the title says, i cant attach a window of the vpn,
so, i cant do any action inside of the VPN (Mobile Watchguard VPN with SSL)

I tried a lot of activities and it does not work with anyone
Any solve or suggestion please?

Thanks for your responses, Regards!

Duplicate post, but try this way. to run as admin and Attach Window Take it easy if its an overkill.

RunAsAdmin.xaml (8.7 KB)


Thanks for the answer, i tried to understand what you do on that xaml, but i didnt.

The file throws the following error, what i have to do for solve that?


Thanks for your reponse, and sorry for duplicate the post!

Try removing the Username and Password (Assign Activity) and use proper selector in Attach Window.

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It does not work

another suggestion?

Thanks for your time!

This is a good solution but it not working to his sites, it’s totally a unique case.